10 Ways To Have A Cozy Weekend

Now that we have officially reached the end of the week, I am getting pretty excited about being able to sleep in. Especially now that the temperature has dipped to into the single digits. Because nothing is better than pulling the covers more snuggly around yourself. Weekends are my time to be productive and work on my own side projects, but the weekend is also all about recharging, and what better way to do so in bed? One of the best parts about winter is that you are almost forced to slow down a bit on the weekends – especially on snowy days. Now, I don’t know but I am all about hibernating the weekend away. There is nothing better than waking up late on Saturday or Sunday morning, hanging around in your softest homeware, and indulging in some good ole hibernation.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Ok now this one requires you to get up a bit. But you can get right back into bed as soon as breakfast is finished. Just be careful not to get too many crumbs under the covers. No one likes a crumbly bed.

2. A Cozy Drink

Fill up on nourishing food and warm drinks. Hop into the kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Or spend a slow morning in the kitchen baking and then crawl back into bed and enjoy.

3. Watch a Movie/Netflix

:Now I am all for cuddling on the sofa and watching films on the tv, but there is something extra cozy about just grabbing your laptop and watching a movie from the comfort of your bed. My winter favorites: “Ponyo,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Ratatouille,” or “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. This is a great time to Catch up on your Netflix queue.

4. Reading

Finally make some time for some pleasure reading. Grab your favorite book, pull up the covers, relax, and enjoy.

5. Get Creative

Get your creativity on through painting, drawing or taking photos. Grab your tablet, sketchbook or phone and make magic happen!

6. List Your Goals

Write down your dreams and plan big things. Write down goals you want to do. This is a great way to gather your thoughts.

7. Listen to Music

Put on some good tunes from Pandora or Spotify on and lounge around in bed or on the sofa. Even discover some new music if you can.

8. Bath Time

Soak in the tub alone or with your significant other. Or take a long warm steamy shower when it’s cold outside.

9. Cuddle Time

Get your cuddle on with your s.o. and/or fur babies. Because who doesn’t like to cuddle? Grab your favorite cuddle buddy and make cuddling a family affair.

10. Relax All Day

Extend your lazy morning into the evening by ordering in and watching movies on the sofa all night.

What are your favorite ways to hibernate on the weekends?