6 Promises to Myself

Lately my life has been a whirlwind of work, events, and projects. I feel like I have been running around non-stop, doing everything all at once and yet somehow at the end of the day having very little to show for it. Part of this has to do with so many projects and things happening at the same time and being in constant flux, but with one freelance project out of the way, I can at least feel as if there are some concrete signs that I have been working as hard as I feel I have been. And yet, although I am well aware that I have been diving into everything head-first.

A huge part of conscious living is being able to have the presence of mind to recognize when we are spreading ourselves too thin and to be able to focus on our mental and physical health. I am guilty of doing this far too infrequently.

Therefore, I have decided to make 6 important promises to myself in order to strike a better work-life balance and practice what I preach.

I promise to take time to breathe and enjoy life

I love the work that I put into each and every assignment, be it design- or blog-related. But as much joy and inspiration as work brings me, I do not want to turn around at age and realize that I never stopped to smell the the roses. I promise to actually set aside time each day when the work day ends and relax, spend time with myself or friends, or dive into hobbies away from the computer.

I promise to not feel guilty when not working

It is so hard for me to not feel as if I could be working and furthering my career when I am doing other things. I would like to incorporate this mindset into after hours when watching TV or reading. Seriously, when I watch Netflix, I am always simultaneously doing design work and this needs to stop! I promise that I will enjoy my time away from my job and allow myself to relax guilt-free.

I promise to not feel like a failure if everything on my to-do list is not finished by the end of the day

I often write up extremely ambitious to-do lists for each day, which in all honesty, are probably near impossible to complete. And even when they are do-able, things always come up or certain assignments tend to take longer than others. I promise to be okay with the fact that success is not defined by how many things I have crossed out on my list and that self worth is not determined by a completed to-do list.

I will start feeling gratitude towards myself

It’s so easy to dwell on all of the unfinished things or new projects you are dreaming up, but by focusing on the undone, we often forget to celebrate what we have already accomplished and how far we have come. From now on, I promise to remind myself every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to bed that I am doing a damned-good job of it all.

I will make more time for loved ones

I am the first to admit that the minute I feel overwhelmed by work, the first things to suffer are the relationships with friends, significant other and family. Which is really crazy because to be honest, it’s the people in our lives that give us great existence the most meaning. I promise to make more time for family and friends, and my boyfriend, even if that means limiting my workaholic tendencies and taking a little bit more time to complete projects.

I will give myself one day a week away from work

I work 5 days a week at a agency and find myself doing side projects not the weekends for myself. So it’s like I work 7 days a week. Now I may not work all hours of the day every day, but I can assure you that if I were to add up all the hours I devote to my design portfolio and blogging it far exceeds a 40-hour work week. Therefore I promise to take one day a week of my choosing to do anything BUT work.

With these promises, I hope to find some kind of balance and work towards living a more fulfilling and conscious life.

What kind of promise are you willing to make with yourself in order to strike a better balance between work and play?