6 Ways to Turn Any Space Into a Christmas Wonderland

Everyone know’s how absolutely obsessed I am with Christmas and home decor, so decorating for the holidays is something I get extremely excited about every year. This December, I decided to show you the small changes I make to turn my normal interior into a winter wonderland.

1: Change up the Artwowrk

One of the easiest ways to bring some holiday cheer (or change up the interior vibes of any room for that matter) is to choose some holiday-themed artwork. The idea is that you can simply swap out your standard artwork for holiday-themed pieces during December for instant holiday cheer and take them down when the holidays are over. When the holidays are over, these bad boys will get put into storage for next year and replaced with neutral pieces.

2: Change up your Pillows

This is another super simple trick – just take your existing pillows and replace the pillow cases and/or buy some seasonal ones like Christmasy ones. Et voilà! Instant Christmas!

3: More plants!

. You can never have enough of it. The beauty of plants and flowers are that so many of them are seasonal and can completely transform a space with their presence. Pick up a few poinsettias to really make your space feel festive.

4: Light some candles and pop out the lights

I can’t really ever think of a time that lighting candles is not a good idea. It just elevates everything to a higher level of cozy and romantic. Go with some sparkly tea lights for decor in the winter and pick one with a lovely wintry scent to make your home smell like the North Pole. Oh, and don’t forget the fairy lights. It’s just not Christmas without them.

5: Let the tunes flow

Nothing makes me feel like Christmas is here more than putting on some good ole Christmas music. Open up Spotify or Youtube and create your own Christmassy playlist to add to the Christmas spirit

6: Cover it up

Another way to instantly transform an interior space is with throws and blankets. I love to use them both to snuggle up with as well as cover the sofa for that extra cozy feeling.

So there you have it! My 6 tips for turning any space into a holiday wonderland.

How do you transform your space for the winter holidays?