Design Tools I Use Everyday

One of the biggest benefits of social media-driven careers is that your office is wherever you are. So as an ode to the digital nomad, I have collected some of the design tools I use everyday.


LAPTOP – MACBOOK PRO (13 inch, 2012)

My computer is for the inside world. Most of the time I leave my laptop at home unless I have reason it should be on the go like me. I plan on getting a iMac desktop computer and carrying around my laptop more. Although its a not as thin and light as the new MacBook Pro’s it’s small and does everything that I need it to do.  I do everything on my laptop from browsing the web, to checking email, to designing, social media you name it.


The moment I bought my first tablet it changed my world. That might be too far, but it opened a lot of options up for me and made everything I did easier and quicker. You can’t really go wrong with Wacom. You don’t need of their more complex offerings if you’re just starting, I still use the Wacom Intuos Draw Tablet. I would recommend going for one. Although I would get the Medium size one next (that’s around A4 size usually a Wacom Medium), anything smaller and you don’t get as much creative freedom, anything bigger can be hard to lug around and will obviously be pricier. Regardless,I still couldn’t work without it.


I use Adobe’s CS6 Creative Suite (because I am too cheap to pay for the expensive Creative Suite every month) and they all work and run just fine. To be honest when working on the latest Creative Suite at work and the older at home on my laptop there isn’t much of a difference except new features being added (like for example cropping in Illustrator – which would be useful in the older one but I don’t mind). If you don’t know the Creative Suite has tons of programs to work in from coding, to photography, videography, drawing, illustrating, you name it. The programs I mostly work in is Photoshop and Illustrator and if need be I turn to InDesign (which I would like to get better at) and use Dreamweaver occasionally from time to time when I’m coding a website but that’s about it. With the older version there’s nothing that I feel like I’m lacking without it, apart from a hefty monthly bill.


I received my digital camera and school and let me say it’s still awesome (even if it’s a 2013). It shoots great – just like a professional – and I never have any problems. I do plan on getting a more high quality lens.


I don’t use my external hard drive as often as I should but this is definitely important because everyone knows if your computer dies you’ll at least have a backup of everything on your external hard drive. Any external hard drive will come in handy, and it’s better to be safe than sorry than lose all of your design work. For me I love my Seagate because I’ll admit I have dropped it a few times and it’s really strong and sturdy, so it’s good for the clumsy as well lol.

USB Flash Drive 

I love using different USB sticks and boy do I go through them (only because they don’t last for very long). I don’t recommend a specific brand or kind, but I do like to get stylish with me. I have a lipstick one, a cool microphone one and I had a Hello Kitty one until it died. My only recommendation for getting USB Sticks is get one with as much memory space as you can and they key rule when buying these the cheaper it is the faster they will die out.



My books are all just a wavelength away, full of inspiration whenever the mind drifts and brings back fresh ideas for one’s own designs. I bury myself in a den of books. I just grab one of my man design books to get inspired, when I feel like the web for inspiration isn’t just cutting it. Having favorite books within arm’s reach certainly, can’t hurt.


I don’t have a special type of Sketchbook, no Moleskin or anything fancy like that. I do however have a huge one and a small sketchbook. The small sketchbook I take with me on the go so if I ever see something I like to get an idea I draw/write it out. My bigger one is for at home and sketching out huge project ideas.


Nothing special just you regular #2 pencil when I am sketching out ideas for design work. However if I am actually doing a drawing I use my Sketch pencils.


Stating the pretty obvious I use my Prism Color pencils to color my drawings. Let me know if there are any pencils you think I should try!


I always have it with me so it’s great for reference photos, and the quality on phone cameras these days is so good it’s almost like having a real camera. I do have an iPad that I don’t use much for design just for watching Netflix lol but sometimes I’ll browse the web on my iPad for inspiration.