HBK Engineering

HBK Engineering, LLC is a fully licensed, professional engineering design firm headquartered in downtown Chicago providing civil, environmental, structural, electrical, subsurface utility, construction support services and permitting. The brand has been busy and successful for a very long time, but never had a proper brand in place.

The goal was to set up HBK with a professional, well designed logo mark and icon, a sophisticated color scheme, a clean type hierarchy and additional visual elements to support the brand throughout it's various on and offline assets. The new brand is clean, simple and geometric, to echo the brands sophistication and maturity. Working primarily on large scale industrial buildings the design was very much inspired by the structure of city buildings, which is reflected in the brands icon and various graphic applications.

The present state of the brand may have been modified from its original design and as such may no longer represent the original concept. Shown below is the original re-brand.

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