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Editorial design is a passion of mine, it’s what I thrive on and get super nerdy about. My goal is to design publications that make your content and message shine and interact with a reader. I focus on designs that resonate with their readers, are informative, provide inspiration and emotions, engage them. can read more about my super organized processes below.

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Editorial Process


Quality design work takes time, but efficiency is my goal. After we sign all the paperwork I will send you a detailed questionnaire about your brand and what your goal for this design pieces is. This way I can get to know you, as well as the target audience, and we can start establishing the visual direction and inspiration for this project (yay, moodboards!). At this early stage, we also need to determine whether this document will be for print or web or both and what exact sizes we are designing for.


Before we actually start designing we need content to design with. Based on the project type I can likely provide you with a content outline. I am no copywriter myself but am happy to put you in touch with professionals if you need additional guidance. At this point, we will also discuss visuals for your project, compile a list of custom illustrations or graphs, source stock photography, or better yet, work directly with a photographer to plan a photo shoot.

Visual Direction

Once all the content is finalized we can finally start designing. Based on our previous process I will design two-four key spreads of the publication to run by you to ensure we are on the same page and moving forward in the right direction.


Once I have the green light on the initial key spreads I get to work on the remaining content and come back to you with a fully designed publication for review with all the final content and imagery.

Nitty Gritty

Undoubtedly little adjustments will need to be made on our first draft, especially for very copy heavy documents a lot of proofreading and fact-checking happens during this phase. We will work through two revisions of the publication, fine-tuning every last detail.


Lastly, I wrap up all the files and assets, delivering a fully designed PDF for print and/or web. I'm happy to provide recommendations and facilitate communication with printers if necessary and am excited to see your project become a reality!

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