5 Animated Films To Watch

Man, why are stop motion animated films or animated films in general so underrated and underappreciated? I personally love them but I rarely find anyone in my life who will actually watch them and not dismiss them as childish cartoons instead of actual animation – to me is beautiful.

Introducing: Louise Fili

If you don’t know who Louise Fili is then I am here to tell you. Louise Fili is an Italian-American graphic designer who is recognized for her impeccable and elegant use of typography. Allow me to introduce and inform you.

Introducing: Jessica Hische

If you love lettering and typography, like I do, then maybe you’ve heard of the name Jessica Hische. But if you haven’t? What are you doing! Get from under that rock and join Skillshare with Jessica Hische!

Learn the Art of Letting Go

Lately, I find myself so pressured between trying to fix things or to walk away. I chose to walk away after months of trying to tolerate things that do not fit within my box. I chose to walk away all the miscommunication and misunderstanding. I chose to say ‘I’m done’ instead of ‘I’m sorry.’ 

My Thoughts On Ads

On occasion I receive emails from people offering me the chance to monetize my blog/portfolio by placing ads banner on my blog. To say I was surprise is because I never thought I’d receive such offers. Of course I automatically denied the thought of placing ads on my blog let alone my portfolio.

Treat Yourself

The other day I saw an article about how millennials spend more money on coffee as opposed to investing in other “useful” things. While the article itself probably didn’t mean to antagonize millennials in any way or form, it does remind me of how most people tend to dictate us for being “wasteful.”

It’s Okay To Be Selfish

A video I came across made me think about how people are so terrified to be selfish when in truth, human beings have always been selfish creatures. I am selfish, you are selfish, everybody else is selfish and that’s the truth. So why are we pretending like that’s not how it is?

6 Tips For Pricing Your Work

Putting a price on your work is one of the hardest, and most awkward, parts of freelancing. I’m still pretty uncomfortable doing it, but I am a lot better at it now than I used to be – I hope.

6 Tips for Moving Abroad

Moving to somewhere new, be it down the street or across an ocean is always exciting. There are constantly new and exciting things around every corner; people, places, ways of life.