Thankful Tuesdays

Tuesday doesn’t get much attention being the second day of the week. I liked the idea that MICHA had for her blog and how she just appreciates every blessings that God has given in her life. This gave me an idea. I’ve been thinking on what to put for my Tuesday series.

6 Ways to Turn Any Space Into a Christmas Wonderland

Everyone know’s how absolutely obsessed I am with Christmas and home decor, so decorating for the holidays is something I get extremely excited about every year. This December, I decided to show you the small changes I make to turn my normal interior into a winter wonderland.

6 Promises to Myself

Lately my life has been a whirlwind of work, events, and projects. I feel like I have been running around non-stop, doing everything all at once and yet somehow at the end of the day having very little to show for it.

10 Ways To Have A Cozy Weekend

Now that we have officially reached the end of the week, I am getting pretty excited about being able to sleep in. Especially now that the temperature has dipped to into the single digits. Because nothing is better than pulling the covers more snuggly around yourself.

12 Basic Design Elements

I was reminiscing about the last time I formally studied graphic design, and the basics. So, this is a list of, back-to-the-basics elements whether it be for a refresher or new designs to keep in mind. Enjoy!

Design Tools I Use Everyday

One of the biggest benefits of social media-driven careers is that your office is wherever you are. So as an ode to the digital nomad, I have collected some of the design tools I use everyday.

10 Principles of Minimalist Designs

What makes Minimalist Design one of the most influential styles today? MINIMALISM is not about an absence of design. It is a design philosophy that is used everywhere including architecture, art, literature, music and many other things. Here, I wrote the 10 most general principles of Minimalist Design.

How To Upload Photos To Instagram Without Phones

Since INSTAGRAM is designed around mobile experience, it primarily represents as a mobile-based service rather than just a social network website. So, it is understandable that it does not have the feature to upload photos and videos without using their official phone app. So how to upload photos and videos to Instagram without your phone?

Sailor Moon Fashion Collection

Get those sartorial go wild and rock your #ootds with these stylish finds! I am definitely a fan of Sailor Moon and I love how they fight the evil by spreading the love and spreading the goodness with their cutest outfits to match with their cute poses.